What is Carbon Canister?

  Gasoline fuel is a type of fuel that is volatile due to its nature and can form steam very quickly. Hydrocarbons formed in gasoline vapor are very harmful to the environment. In addition, it is forbidden to release it into the environment according to certain gas emission criteria. Gasoline vapors also accumulate in the tanks of gasoline vehicles. The part that allows this steam to be collected and sent to the combustion chamber is called a carbon canister. The carbon canister, located on the vehicle near the intake manifold, prevents the fuel vapor from escaping to the atmosphere by passing it through the carbon filter in it and ensures that it is transmitted to the combustion chamber according to the information coming from the vehicle's brain. The working system is as follows. According to the operating state of the engine, the vapor pressure accumulated in the tank increases and a signal is sent to the ECU. This signal usually starts to be sent when 0.3 bar pressure